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We have 32 reasons for your visiting Budapest Dent!

Óbuda Dental Center was opened in 2009 by Dr. Szrebro Zoltán and Dr. Hrusztics Aminett. Afetr 10 years of practoce int he national health care system they decided to open a dentristry where special attention is given to every patient in a relaxing athmosphere.

Professionalism and emphasis on personal care resulted hundreds of satisfied patients and positive comments during the past years. All you have to do is book a flight and accomodation and let our dentists enchant you with the perfect smile.

(Please take into consideration that pictures will be taken during treatment and used on websites with the obligation of participants!)

Our clinic is situated in a newly built complex at the heart of Óbuda. (III. district)

Brand new equipment and highly qualified dentists and dental hygienists will guarantee the place where you feel yourself home during the whole treatment.

Fro keeping our dentist knowledge up to date they have to attend regular clinical courses for adopting the latest professional developments and standards. Continous learning and examinations are requirement of the General Dental Council of Hungary as well.

Hungary’s dental studies dates back for more than 150 years and this resulted one of the best quality dental training system of the world. Hungarian dentist are highly skilled experts and are welcome worldwide.

Only in 2008 one hundred thousand British citizen decided to be involved in medical treatments abroad and 40 % of them travelled because of dental surgery.

Hungary became the world’s center of dental care patients not only for the European Union but from the USA or the Middle-East as well.


What we give:

  • free pick-up service at the airport
  • savings up to 60-70 %
  • flexibility: treatment 7 days a week
  • mobile phone during your stay
  • detailed treatment plan and price offer
  • flight and booking
  • Budapest programme advisory
  • 1 year guarantee (see terms and conditions)

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Rico Domonkos
2012. július 26.

A mai napon felhasználtuk a nyereményünket a Dentalpalace-ban. Rendkívül jól felszerelt, modern rendelő. Kifogástalan modorú, kedves, szakszerű személyzet, figyelmes kiszolgálás. A gyerekek is nagyon örültek az ajándékcsomagnak! :) Köszönünk mindent Dentalpalace! :)

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